Killing for Peace


Like a lot of other young men who came home from Vietnam, I was angry; angry at the waste of young lives in a war that would eventually be repudiated by the majority of the country which had sent us there.  I was bitter that the friends I had lost vanished in the ether, with very little to mark their time on this earth.  I vowed to not let their names be lost to history, that I would find the time to write their story in the little vignettes and scraps of notes that I had kept during my time in the war.

I tried to write in the voice of the time.  At times the language and the attitudes portrayed are harsh.  I mean to offend no one, merely to tell it as we lived it.  I wrote how I felt about it while it was happening.  It is a little different than most stories about young men in war.  I hope you will feel the emotions that we felt.

War is a pretty grim business, but there are chuckles and laughter along the way.  I’d like to share the highs and the lows with you.  I hope you enjoy the tale.